Notable Recent Sightings

20/11 Hawfinch 7 at Castle Caereinion Church, feeding on yew berries
07/11 Snow Bunting Hafren Forest. Also 1 on 3 Nov at Llyn Gwyddior, WSW of Llangadfan
15/10 Cattle Egret Dolydd Hafren. Also 1 there on 14 Aug
04/10 Whooper Swan Llyn Coed-y-Dinas, 1 juv. Also 3 ads, Llyn Hir, 13 Oct; 2 Dolydd Hafren, 1 Nov
30/09 Jack Snipe Llyn Coed-y-Dinas, bouncing as it fed
31/07 Rose-coloured Starling Llandyssil, in private garden. A county first!
21/07 Marsh Harrier Cors Dyfi
25/06 Quail Singing male, Glaslyn; also 1 at Old Hall on 17 June
15/06 Hawfinch One male flew into a Guilsfield window and recovered
09/06 Long-eared Owl Fledgling photographed at Cors Dyfi - confirmed breeding. 3 juvs seen
06/06 Great Egret Dolydd Hafren, 2. 1 in breeding condition with black bill.
12/05 Whimbrel Dolydd Hafren. Also a Hobby.
06/04 Long-eared Owl Cors Dyfi: attacking Osprey at nest repeatedly, also 10 April
06/03 White Stork Llanidloes. From Sussex re-introduction project, ring no. GB35
05/03 Osprey Flying west to east over Welshpool
01/03 Hawfinch 1, seen well but briefly, Llyn Coed-y-Dinas, Welshpool
28/02 Ring Ouzel Old Churchstoke
22/02 Merlin Carno Windfarm
21/02 Great Egret 6 together on Caersws floods
14/02 Hawfinch 10 at Ceinws, nr. Machynlleth
13/02 Firecrest Crew Green, in private garden
19/12 Short-eared Owl Llyn Mawr. Up to 10 in early Dec.
22/10 Cetti's Warbler 1 singing, Pwll Penarth. Still there, 9 Nov
18/10 Great Egret 2, Llandinam Gravels, also on 25 Oct
15/10 Brambling Llanfyllin
13/10 Merlin Between Dolanog and Pont Llogel
12/10 Merlin female chasing 150 Redwings, Llandinam
08/10 Common Scoter 1 female type, Lake Vyrnwy
04/10 Merlin Short Cross, Long Mountain, nr. Welshpool
12/09 Cetti's Warbler Pwll Penarth, singing.
03/06 Hawfinch Machynlleth. Female feeding in private garden.
01/06 Nightingale at Dyfi Osprey Project, near Machynlleth
17/05 Hoopoe Caersws/Carno area. Same bird as on 15th?
15/05 Hoopoe near Clywedog
24/04 Marsh Harrier South of Llanfyllin. Over again at 8:13pm. Heading NW.
05/04 Marsh Harrier South of Llanfyllin. Female type, circled over garden 1pm, then headed NW-ish
29/03 Firecrest Ceinws, nr Machynlleth, photo'd in garden
22/01 Hawfinch Llyn Coed y Dinas. On the verge across the road from the car park at lunch time
21/01 Whooper Swan Nr Penybontfawr. 6 calling low over at 0845 heading upstream
31/12 Tree Sparrow Sarn. A least 2 in garden - one also present on 1st
29/12 Pintail Llyn Coed y Dinas. 3 (2M/1F),Water Rail, 10 Goosander (5M,5F), 32 Cormorant
29/12 Great White Egret Newtown. Present am, bottom of bypass (Welshpool side) in field near road
28/12 Blackcap Welshpool. Male feeding in private garden
28/12 Whooper Swan Llyn Coed y Dinas. Single this afternoon
10/12 Great Northern Diver Lake Vyrnwy. Off dam early morning, before circling high and disappearing
See Sightings Archive for older records

Sunday, November 28, 2021

A welcome visitor

 We were delighted to see a kestrel in the garden on Friday. It was having difficulty keeping steady on a branch in the apple tree, as it was buffeted by strong winds, but stayed for several minutes before it flew, or blew, away at speed. 

A combination of a moving branch and taking the photo through a distant window was not conducive to a good picture, but I was very happy to get anything at all!! 

Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Pochard at L. Cyd

During a short visit to L. Cyd this afternoon, a female Pochard flew in and proceeded to very vigorously bathe and dive for about 20 minutes. Tempting to suggest it had just completed a migration, and could it be the same bird we have seen in the last 4 winters?

Also present were 27 Cormorant gathering to roost, 70 Wigeon, 50 Teal, 19 Tufted Duck, and 1 Shelduck. 1 Great Egret and 4 Little were roosting too, and a Kingfisher used the usual perch.

Tuesday, November 23, 2021

LCyD - new (to me) Egret behaviour

Interesting behaviour from the two Gt Egret at LCyD yesterday - generally kept their distance but for the two minutes they were together they were in full neck stretching mode.  Have never seen this before and I assume either territorial/asserting dominance or bonding - can't find anything online, does anyone have any idea?

Around a dozen or so Redwing around but totally camera shy until this one bird dropped down for a bath in the deep shadow next to the hide

Juvenile Mute is a ringed bird - '7LAN' - given they don't tend to move around much I assume a local bird

Finally late afternoon setting sun and reflection - little rock, big rock

Saturday, November 20, 2021

7 Hawfinches in Castle Caereinion

Many thanks to Aneurin Lloyd for letting me post this fine portrait, taken today in the churchyard of St Garmon's Church, feeding on yew berries. Meurig has added that there were 7, but that they are not likely to stay around long!

Friday, November 19, 2021

Montgomeryshire Bird Report 2020

Last year's County Bird Report is now available to read and download! Just click on the link County Reports (above). It's been out for a few weeks, but I know some folk missed the earlier post. I have a list of acknowledgements - many thanks to all observers who sent in records. I couldn't have written it without you all; and without the superb photos that illustrate it. Our wonderful photographers deserve a mention by name: special thanks to our regulars Mark Wilson, Meurig Garbutt, Chris Townsend, Edd Cottell, Brian Pollard, Sue Southam, and David Lister. David is responsible for this Hobby image which I chose as this year's cover photo. 

Finally, many thanks to Mike Haigh for initiating the Bird Blog, and for uploading this report.

Please keep sending in your records, either directly to the blog, or to me at

Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Thirsty Birds.

 Crossbills and Siskins busy quenching their thirst on Ceri Ridgeway this morning.

Saturday, November 13, 2021

Llyn Coed Y Dinas

 Much the same as the last month or so,, but nice to have a clearer view now the reed bed has been trimmed. Birds of note; 3great Egrets, I Little Egret, 3 Grey Heron, 1 Water Rail, Kingfisher, Numerous wigeon and Teal and as the light was failing 20 Lapwings flew in.

Wednesday, November 10, 2021

New look at Llyn Coed-y-Dinas!


We (MWT volunteers) have been busy reducing the reed-bed in front of the hide at LCyD, while keeping a large section intact for any wintering Bittern and summering Reed Warblers. We hope the birds, birders and photographers will approve. It's the first time Rob has tried using a battery-powered hedge-trimmer as a reed-cutter, but it seemed to work well.

Not many birds are visible in the photo, but that's not surprising after all the disturbance. However, there is a drake Carolina Duck swimming around. Carolinas (or Wood Ducks) are native to North America, and occur here as escapes (or descendants of escapes) from wildfowl collections. Unlike their close relative the Mandarin, they have not established a breeding population in UK.  

Tuesday, November 09, 2021

Time for a drink

Grim light up on the Ridgeway first thing this morning - after a couple of hours a group of 8 Crossbill decided water was needed

Monday, November 08, 2021

Snow Bunting in Hafren Forest


Adding to Michele's post from yesterday, we now have a photo! Of course, it may be a different individual. Many thanks to John Williams for the photo and permission to use it.